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I don’t quite know what the origins of this wonderful dessert are..It has been a family favourite-especially that of my highly diabetic father in law.Like a true blooded Punjabi he had a sweet tooth.Many trials and errors later-he agreed that the one I made was a bit close to what Baijee (his Mom) made…The bits of cream and the fragrance of the cardamom and saffron that come along with every mouthful is enough to want more!
We serve Rabri with dried figs and apricots that have been stewed to soften. Rabri 12 cups full cream milk
¼ teaspoon elaichi powder
¾ -1 cup sugar*(adjust according to how sweet you want it)
Few strands saffron soaked in a little warm milk
Slivers of almonds for garnish Boil the milk in a heavy bottom kadhai.Lower heat,and simmer for about 2 hours, till the milk is about ¼ the quantity of what you started out with.While it simmers, the edges get crusty-scrape this off and add to the milk.Keep stirring at intervals to prevent milk from getting burnt at the bottom …

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